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Now you can do multiple tasks on one screen of Windows 10

Very useful for multitasking on a computer shared on the screen. If your screen is divided into three parts you can be asked to type a part of the gaming and the third will be snap support. The first step in creating multiple screens in Windows 10 is enable Snap Asset: First click the settings…

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Google Nest Hub Max smart display: Google’s glow 2019

Google will surprise to you? The world’s technocrats were eyeing Google’s annual conference this year. Google authorities disappointed. The new announcement was not less than two hours after the new generation of new virtual virtual assistant-Google IO conference. The projects that the organization has worked over the past year have been highlighted in the annual…

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Google will bring fold Smartphone in market

Smartphone competition is now undergoing in the world of smartphone or folding. Already foldable smartphones have unveiled Samsung, Huawei and several other companies. Samsung has delayed the supply of Galaxy Fold due to the error in the screen. Why Google will be behind? An NDTV report says Google has begun to build a fallible smartphone.…

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Top Selling Premium Wooden Watch Brand in the World-JORD

JORD Wooden Wrist Watches for Men   Jordan is the world’s top selling premium wood watch brand. Comfortable, natural and durable, safe and sealed with tons of oil. Hyde series pairs modern minimalism with natural sophistication. Hand made construction features 100% natural ornament wood, permanently sourced from Eastern Europe. Unlike genuine sapphire crystals, leather bands…

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Smooth smartphone gimbal Zhiyun 2019

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The best video camera stabilizer, Easy to use for DSLR, Camcorders

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